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Lucky Shot PRO

Lucky Shot – Game in which accuracy and agility are very important. Shoot the right places and collect the coins. You can either pass levels or try to break the level record. In Lucky Shot, you are the brain of the game, you control it 100%. Forward to the victory !

Lucky Shot has a wide variety of game modes, including:
• Brain Games – You need to think it over, think with your head, Just turn on the logic. Brain Games – Fun Games That Train Your Mind !
• Brain it on – When you shoot where necessary !
• Puzzle Games – Figure out these head-scratchers to win the coins. The whole game is a puzzle, assemble it in parts !
• Puzzles are very similar to Brain games, you need to do everything at the right time, so the victory depends on you !
• Brain Teasers – Test yourself and train your brain !
• Labyrinth Games – Navigate your way to Victory !
• Hidden Objects – Find the Hidden Objects but BEWARE !
• Physics Puzzles – The game is based on physics, so turn on some more of that logic !
• Puzzle – this is what you need not to be bored !
• Physical games – Physical is something very interesting that can distract you for a long time !
• Retro Games – Relive classic game modes.
• Action Games – Run and Gun as much as you can!
• Sport Games – If you often shoot and move your fingers, then maybe this is considered as a sport
• Shooting Games – Shoot as a Master !Download Lucky Shot PRO for free
Free download Lucky Shot PRO :

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