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LowPoly 3D Art: Paint by Number

LowPoly 3D Art: Paint by Number
Puzzle for brain training and the development of imagination. A game for all ages, boys and girls. Collect polygons and create fantastic images!

Play new unique coloring by numbers in 360, rotate objects in full 3D and paint the shapes with colored triangles. Choose a color by numbers and paint the entire collection: animals, fruits, toy, pop art, geometric shapes and much more.

In this 3D puzzle you will find a lot of joyful emotions and fun, calm your nerves. Antistress that develops creative thinking. Drag the colored triangle with the number to a large coloring and collect the entire 3D shape in pieces, and enjoy the painting animation at any time and play even without the Internet.

Features of the application:
– Anti stress coloring!
– Many colorful puzzles!
– Regular updates of 3D objects!
– Nice 3D Poly visual style!
– A variety of themed sets!
– A unique game in this 3D!
– Fascinating gameplay!

Collect free art objects in the large gallery and share your artwork with your friends.
Install the app and build your first 3D Poly.
Download LowPoly 3D Art: Paint by Number for free
Free download LowPoly 3D Art: Paint by Number :

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