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Lord of War: The Game Gameplay IOS / Android

Lord of War: The Game Gameplay IOS / Android

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Lord of War: The Game by FunApps Co., Ltd. (IOS/Android)
Enter a mythical land of kings and castles, myths and monsters – and you. As a newly crowned king, it is your duty to build, protect, and expand your reign in the kingdom. New and old kings alike will try to claim the throne as their own, it is up to you to ensure victory for your people. Forge alliances and friendships, backstab, plot, and scheme your way to the top as you mine resources, forge weapons, and level up your king and castle to conquer the kingdom.
This strategy role playing game allows you to build an empire with players from all around the world. You can fight with honor and make your way as an honest and humble king who stands by their friends; or you can be a conniving, backstabbing villain who is only out for themselves. It is up to you to decide who you will be in this world.
There can be but only one king!
Forge friendships with, or destroy players from all around the world
Invite your real life friends and play together, or create an entirely new persona and make new friends (or enemies)
Conquer a beautiful and stunning world
Forge or discover legendary weapons and gear for your king
Upgrade your castle, army, and king to dominate the kingdom


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