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Looney Bunny Dash Rush

Looney Bunny Dash Rush! is an endless run game where you control Looney Bunny. Your aim in each level is to reach the end without being caught by Elmer – the hunter. To achieve this, you can use the different power-ups that range from turning you into a superhero to transforming you into Gossamer

Gameplay in Looney Bunny Dash Rush! You need move your character from one side to the other by sliding your finger from left to right or vice versa, and jump or slide on the ground by moving your finger up or down, respectively. Using these controls, you have to try to get past all the obstacles you’ll find along the way.

Looney Bunny Dash Rush! stands out because of the flamboyant graphics it flaunts on your smartphone and also impresses with its acoustics: melodies that remind us of our childhood and very convincing character voices.

Game Features:
– No any ads
– Fix bugs old version
– Many amazing lonney characters to be selected
– Easy one touch swiping control
– Suitable for all children and families entertaining together

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