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Little Leo: FreeKick 3D – Android Gameplay HD

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This is an amazing and beautiful story about a naughty child nicknamed Little Leo,who has a childish dream to become a footballer but ,as his parents were against, our hero decided to be quits his own way.All the events will take place at the main hero's house.In each room you will have to break,spoil and damage various things.In a word you should be on the pad.
But outside you'll see more classical and more dinamic game with freekicks,where you will have to get as much score as possible using your experience and capability of the main hero.
Whether the Little Leo's dream come true, it depends on you.
* Charismatic Main Hero *
* Colorful 3D Cartoon Graphics *
* Unique Design In all Levels *
* Music and Sound FX *
* Compare Rankings with Online Leaderboards *
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