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Little Chef Masters


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Game Description

Being a chef is full of responsibilities and also lot of fun. Become a master chef chef in this little game experience for kids and bling super chef at a five star hotel. Clean your clothes and choose the best chef uniform for you. Lot of vegetables are falling off the vegetable shelf and collect all look out Them That year you collect Donita wrong items into your basket. Prepare a beautiful and delicious cake, pizza. Then clean your kitchen and baking the cake over. Also play mini fruit ninja game for some extra fun.


  • Put on the best dresses select a chef hat and begin your job as a chef.
  • Collect all the vegetables and do you take care Donita That year collect bombs.
  • Make a big creamy and delicious pizza and a cake for the customers.
  • Clean the kitchen and the oven to after cooking.
  • Play an entertaining game cutting fruit for some extra fun.
  • Share this with your friends game chef and start cooking together.


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