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Little Best Friends And Fun

(Updated :
Oct 11,2015)

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Game Description

Best friends are always there for us whenever we are in any kind of need or even in any fun activities. Enjoy an entire day with your best friends with lot of different fun activities and games. Dress up with your best clothes and fill the balloons to play with it. Enjoy bathing in a bathtub and play with the toys in there. Enjoy a whole lot of many different innovative games and activities with all your best friends and finally go to sleep with them in your bed room.

Activities in the Game:

1) Open all the presents and collect all the toys from it.
2) Use the bubble toy to make bubbles and play with it.
3) Get down to have tasty sandwich as lunch and some drinks with your friend.
4) Do other activities like playing with the train, planting, fixing the bird house etc.
5) Share this game with all your best friends and enjoy all the activities together.

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