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Little Bandits – Android Gameplay HD

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Little Bandits is a fantasy western RPG with cute characters and an expansive narrative! Amass a pool of powerful heroes to battle through unique challenges and solve the mystery of the disappearing dowsers.
Buckeye and his gang are kidnapping all the dowsers from neighboring towns! Investigate these mysterious disappearances, uncover their devious plot, and put an end to it!
All the characters in the Little Bandits universe are realized in a cute, approachable art style with plenty of personality.
Take on other players in weekly PvP seasons as you compete for the top of the ladder and the sweet prizes that come with it!
Battling the dangers of the frontier will require you to build up your town from nothing. Construct and upgrade buildings to fuel powerful upgrades for your heroes.
*Four factions of heroes to collect and do battle with. Join forces with the righteous Wardens, the shadowy Outlaws, the soothing Scholars, and the explosive Explorers!
*Collect dozens of heroes, each with unique abilities, that you will need to mix and match to overcome unique challenges!
*Battle other players in weekly PvP seasons to prove you're the best in the west!
*Explore the frontier through 6 zones of PvE content, each with 4 levels of mastery.
*Find and utilize powerful (and cute!) mounts to augment the abilities of your heroes!
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