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★ revolution in mobile Lineage, Lineage 2 Revolution ★ formally open
In a huge open field with no time and space constraints unfolding real MMORPG!
Now you connect, you can proceed to formally participate in the event, which is open Memorial rich!

■■■■■ ■■■■■ game features

▶ ◀ Open World’s largest mobile
Simultaneous connection of all regional field-based environment
Time and space constraints can not play in real time
Open field more rigid world

▶ The original sensibility evolved into a mobile ◀
Best quality based on the Unreal Engine 4
Lineage II landmarks and the core content
Implementing a mobile-optimized environment

▶ containing the human community and society, clan ◀
With full-length play, common goals
Authority of the monarch, the phase of the Clan
Search for the enjoyment of the benefits of sharing!

▶ The implementation of this strategy, a large living battlefield ◀
Strategic decisions and sticky cohesion between the clan is required
This huge battle unfolded in the mobile environment of a true MMORPG!

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