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lemonade. Tap to make the lemon splash!

Enjoy playing 2019 game Revelation after lemonade Splash , we have Fruit Splash now. More vivid fruits, more variety game types. Connect the fruit to create blasters, free captured fruits and play your way in the adorable fruits world!

Splash Juice. Tap to make the lemon splash Lemonade – this is a great (very styllish) arcade game with very beautiful graphics. The game is ideally suited for mobile devices.
If there’s one thing I’m really terribly fussy about, it’s freshly squeezed juice. It’s not just ensuring that not a single drop is lost, I also have to make sure I squeeze everything possible out of each pitiful piece of fruit!
Lemonade understands this. To the sounds of nostalgic carnival music, juice gets squeezed to your heart’s content from oranges, lemons or melons right up to the brim into ever smaller glasses. And woe betide you should anything be lost. A juicy amount of accuracy is in demand!

Highlighted Features
* Variety of gameplay types, water the flowers, dig out the Glass, by splashing the fruits on it!
* Challenging tasks,including free captured fruit
* Compete with your friends on Facebook! will be add in next version
* Win coins to open new level and fruits as rewards from tasks!
* Free levels, obstacles and game modes added regularly!
* Easy to learn, challenging to master, can you score 3 stars on each level?
Challenge your friends to find out which one of you is the true master
Download lemonade. Tap to make the lemon splash! for free
Free download lemonade. Tap to make the lemon splash! :

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