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LEGO® Speed Champions Android

LEGO® Speed Champions

Download LEGO® Speed Champions – Android Gameplay HD Free Game

Download Game For Free LEGO® Speed Champions – Android Gameplay HD

Download LEGO® Speed Champions Android

Get behind the wheels of the fastest cars on the planet in the action-packed arcade game, LEGO® Speed Champions!
This is your invite to the ultimate speed championship. Put the pedal to the metal, speed past your opponents and complete awesome challenges to secure your place on the winner’s podium.
* Take control of the sports cars you’ve always dreamed of racing
* Choose from 6 vehicles including a racing red Ferrari, world class McLaren Mercedes or powerful Porsche 911
* Face three different challenges every time – no race is the same!
* Collect studs, stars and racer trophies to unlock brand new challenges
* Skid, slide and swerve to avoid collisions with competitors
* Log-in with LEGO® ID to get competitive with friends
* Race up the leaderboard and show off victories with your LEGO® Speed Champions profile
* Become the ultimate LEGO® Speed Champion!
Get ready to take on exciting racing challenges in LEGO® Speed Champions. You’ll find action around every bend!
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