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Legendary Heroes: Fight against the Orcs iOS Gameplay

Legendary Heroes: Fight against the Orcs iOS Gameplay

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Welcome to the world of war: fight against the Orcs!

The war is between the heroes and the Orcs. Here you need to make your own heroes team for fighting against the Orcs, or you will lose your homeland forever! So what are you waiting for? Just pick up the heroes as much as you can to make your own counter-back team, take back of your homeland and to be the best and the legendary heroes in the world that you will be remembered by everybody!

Funny Orcish lead the whole story: The protagonist Orcish play with you all the way to tell you the true story gradually.

High definition picture based on Unity 3D technic: It is a world where you will see the real Fire, Thunder and so on. We use the latest calculation technique to create all the characters and bosses to offer you a real life here.

Multi-stage for Super Boss: We focus on the unique skill for each phase of each boss who also have colorful transformation when you fight to the certain period. Make full use of your hero to fight for what you want, come on everybody!

Based on the high definition picture, you will enjoy the world of full of super bosses, have fun with your heroes, come on guys!


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