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Legend of Dragon Gameplay iOS / Android

Legend of Dragon Gameplay iOS / Android

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Legend of dragon by doumi-tech (iOS/Android)
★FULL-TOUCH CONTROL – Brings you different experience
Players can complete all daily target once per day, system resets at the following day at 5 AM (does not include daily energy target)
Players will receive rewards when all daily targets has been completed.
Rewards include EXP, coins and diamonds.
Mission is given according to players’ level and the progress of the game. Complete given mission and receive EXP, Coins, items, and many others rewards.
Mission function: Guide players in the game, leveling players’ level.
Doom Wild is a timed stage, if player cannot win within given time or died during battle is consider as failed, players are also not allow to proceed to Wheel War. Players will also continue to the next stage with the remaining HP.
In Doom Wild, players can continue the game despite the main character is dead. Players can choose 2 living partners to continue the game. Game is considered over when all remaining partners are dead.
Players can join or build a guild with other members and protect the reputation of the guild.
Every player can join every chapter’s team dungeon twice per day. System resents at 5AM at the following day. Guild changing will not affect the team dungeon default setting.

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