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The world’s first new experience South Korea RPG mobile game “Starry Night Legend”!
Through three people fight together to fight a powerful enemy, survival and PVP battle, and friends feel the pleasure of connection operations. Beautiful girl role charming, the game story closely, coupled with a strategic combination of play team, allowing players to enjoy the fun!
【story background】

“A century ago, the devil to control the evil forces of Elsace come, let the world into endless misfortune? The heroic family after numerous difficulties to win a lost sword, and finally reluctantly repel the devil, he After a long period of peace, the people of that bitter history has been forgotten, lurking in the abyss of the devil, but secretly planning to make a comeback again … “


▼ 3 people join forces to fight together
Do not have to fight alone, the largest real-time connection team 3, quickly convened friends with easy hunting enemies, access to luxury awards!

▼ live real-time PVP duel
Challenge your technology and strategy to form a variety of play team, and other players a higher, set foot on the top of the throne!

▼ Heartbeat Accelerated appointment mode
Strength = goodwill degree? . Through the “touch” or other interaction to get the United States girls who favor you right!

▼ Variety modeling new weapons successively debut
A variety of lovely attractive, handsome equipment and weapons modeling, etc. You collect, show your unique personality, to create your own role!

▼ exquisite 3D game screen the best visual enjoyment
Gorgeous cool effect of skills, rich character set, so that you dizzying, put it down!

* Android minimum requirement is 4.0.4 or above
※ In order to avoid inconvenience, it is recommended to participate in the deleted file testing and testing of the players first complete removal of packaging and testing game program, and then re-download the “Starry Night Legend” official version.
※ It may take a long time for the first time after the game is installed. Please wait patiently or connect to Wi-Fi until the download is complete.
※ Please refer to the official Facebook page and Instagram for the latest game information of Starry Night Legend.

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Legend of Asteria Android Free Download

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