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Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

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Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes Android

Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes iOS

Join unlikely heroes, Ava and Walker, on an epic adventure through a mysterious world as they recruit an army of heroes in order to save their world! Build the greatest army to battle against the Dark Wizard before everything comes to an end!

– RECRUIT an army of diverse heroes united in one mission, to save their world
– POSITION heroes tactically on the battle grid and see their battles strikes unfold
– ASCEND heroes to new heights, armed with rare weapons and epic attacks
JOURNEY through the Legacy Quest world, in a race against time to stop the Dark Wizard

Journey through and across the tropical Inecran Jungle, the Crossbone Coast and more to recruit an army of powerful humans, orcs, goblins, and other unique creatures! Train newly recruited heroes, unlock heroic battle attacks, and usher your army to victory!

Lead your team of heroes onto the diverse battle grid terrain and prepare to see their blitz attacks unleashed! Position matters in this battle – strategize attacks to maximize range of fire. Get ready to crush countless enemies!


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