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Legacy Quest (by NEXON Company) – iOS / Android – HD LiveStream

Download Legacy Quest (by NEXON Company) – iOS / Android – HD LiveStream
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Legacy Quest by NEXON Company (iOS / Android)

For countless generations, your kin fought the forces of evil. Over time, the evil grew stronger, and with every soul taken, your family lost more of its former glory.
Now it is YOUR time to sharpen the blade and restore your family’s legacy.

*** Brick-Based Dungeon Crawling RPG Action***
Defeat a succession of evil bosses in over 60 Dungeon wings, smashing and bashing your way through dark forests, frozen palaces, swampy depths, and fiery cauldrons. Each gorgeous dungeon is filled with hordes of crazed monsters for you to decimate!
***Rogue-Like Tendencies***
Death is a Part of Life! Your heroes may die, but a new hero will always step in to take his or her place. With every soul lost or gained, your heroes grow stronger! It’s your family’s story… and it’s up to you to tell the tale.
*** Persistent Crafting System ***
Craft your heroes, craft your legacy. Equip your kin with a huge array of customizable skills, traits, weapons and armor to craft the ultimate cubular monster slayer. Customize your game to YOUR play style. Turning an archer into a mage is as simple as a quick weapon swap!

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Legacy Quest is free to play, but additional items can be purchased at the in-game shop for real money.

[Legacy Quest requires iOS 8 or higher. You’ll need a network connection to play.]

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