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Legacy of Heroes – EternityWings Android

High return on investment to upgrade, cumulatively earn 20,000 diamonds!Fast leveling grab great fashion, rare wings of rare blow the BOSS up!Open seven-days carnival, limited gift of cash!Power grappling grab the title, unique glory is attached!
[3D rendering, million players passionate war]
Original next era’s art style, instant light to restore the PC quality, exquisite 3D scenes, magnificent world, exciting camp hegemony, enable you to enjoy PK instant pleasure anytime, anywhere.2017’s most anticipated 3D MMO action mobile game, millions of players, the order versus the chaos, two camp battle! Don’t miss it!
[Epic Plot, wait for you to create another world]
A huge Western magic world plot, in the never-ending division, the third world will be swallowed by the chaos. Heroes have lost their memory, came to the third world with their own mission. Come to save the world that is about to destroy!
[Thousands of fashion, wings and mounts, numerous modeling summon you]
From the modest luxury, cute and humorous style to serious and retro one, together with multi-national exotic beauties from cross-servers to create your unique hero characters!
[Transnational love, romantic wedding]
The real world multi-language service support system, allows you to encounter your soul mate. Make friends, free marriage, fashion flowers, you can celebrate an unparalleled century wedding in reality and in the game!


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Total Size : 512 Mb

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