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League of Queens Android Android

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Different from those traditional dark-styled games, our game adopted the
world-top holographic snapshot technology, which should be a groundbreaking innovation.

Fighting against the Death Legion, the player will be refreshed with the
smooth control and smart blow feedback. The real 3D visual pleasure will
make you the real queen—a culmination of dark fantasy ARPG on your fingertips!

Disabling, combo, levitating, Super Armor and other classic
elements will be perfectly reproduced, which will enable the fighting
to be ever-changing. The money is not everything; the skill and brain are.

To expel the darkness is the duty of knights and to be righteous and brave
is the doctrine of knights. When darkness befalls, when Death Legion keeps
raging like a plague, no queen will cower! We are—Queen Knightage!

1、Three classic classes: Knight, warrior, assassin; different advantages, different inclinations.
2、Four pioneer pets: We are cute but never can be belittled!
3、Dozens of gameplays: Leisure? Funny? Stimulating? Anything you want is right here!
4、The war is already on the verge! Come join us!


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