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League of Masters

League of Masters Android

Download League of Masters – Android Gameplay HD Free Game

Download Game For Free League of Masters – Android Gameplay HD

Download League of Masters Android

Game Features
▶Fast Paced Real-Time PVP Battle
– Enjoy AI, Single Play as well as 1:1 ~3:3 PVP matching with other users!
▶Play Time Optimized for Mobile
– Destroy enemy towers and the sanctum to gain victory!
Just 5~10 minutes is enough!
▶Unbelievable Game Size
– Total app size just 100MB! Able to play on low spec mobiles.
Experience the best quality on any mobile!
▶Strategic Play
– Aim for the multikill with smooth control!
Form a strategic team according to Champion specs
▶Hunt the Giant Jungle Monster!
– Engage in battle at the heart of the jungle to gain the upper hand!
▶ Touch to Play? V-Pad?
– Chose the options you prefer!
▶20 Unique Champions
– Control Champions from various myths and legends!
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