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Like to survive, but to walk in different places and just running away from the monster is boring? Want to poraskinut brains? Labyrinth is what you need!
It is important to be attentive and quick, to be able to solve riddles, because this game can both scare and interest.
The sheet in the upper left corner is the menu and missions for passing.
The heart in the upper right corner is an indicator that the floor’s owner (zombies) is approaching.
In the game there are 3 missions with 2 or 1 tasks.
1 mission – to find a switch and a lantern.
2 mission – to solve the key word for the door and find the electronic key.
3 mission – to get to the elevator after solving the rebus, which you will find lying on the floor in the maze.
Be very attentive. all the things that you find in the maze is not just like that!
At the moment there is only the first floor, further floors will be added over time.Download Labyrinth for free
Free download Labyrinth :

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