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Komodo Dragon Rampage 2016 – Android Gameplay HD

Komodo Dragon Rampage 2016 – Android Gameplay HD

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From the tropical rain forests comes one of the most feared predator, The Vicious Komodo Dragon. Waging a revenge on humans, creeping hideously looking for his next prey, hunting humans and animals ruthlessly.
Play as deadly Komodo Dragon looking to slay your victims. Crawl your way through the forest while you stalk out your prey! Utilize your stealth and cleverness to carefully calculate the right time to STRIKE: attack silently and use your deadly venom to paralyse and kill the prey.
There are hunters looking to capture or kill Komodos and win a trophy, teach them a good lesson. The place is filled with all kinds of wild animals to target: hunt the Powerful Tiger, the Delicious Deer, and the Mighty Wolf. Prove with your might that you’re the ultimate villain of this jungle!
Komodo Dragon 3D Features:
• Beautiful 3D Graphics
• Realistic Jungle Environment.
• Various Komodo Breeds To Choose From.
• Simple and smooth controls to help chase your prey
• Amusing gameplay with realistic animations
• Realistic sound and weather effects.
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