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Knight of Chaos Android

Knight of Chaos will offer you great battle graphics and game plays. Through its story, you will discover how the evil force took control of this world. With 3 races and 3 classes, players will be able to unify to purify this world full of evil.

Multiplayer Feature
Fight with all players against the demon lord of this world.
Make a team and travel this world to defeat powerful monsters
Join a team and collect tons of precious gems
Create a team and compete against other teams
Enjoy with your guild mate ton of new features

Single Player Feature
Complete our story line and collect our generous rewards
Ascend the tower of the devil and collect the hidden treasure
Fight against a wave of infinite monster without rest and obtain gift based on your performance
Join the league and become the king of the arena
Want more ? Come and join us !

Strategic Game Play
Choose combat skills to equip and select one to release in each battle round !
Rework your 3*3 formation based on your opponent and win against him !
Forge your unique equipment to get stronger or trade for more treasure.


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