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Knight Fighter Android Android

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The latest martial-themed FTG of 2017! Massive kills, graceful combo and infinite skills!
What are you waiting for? Join the battle!
The world’s top three kingdoms ARPG mobile game and won 2017 first best ARPG title!
Gathered Kingdoms General, play and get! Millions of players online to participation the most stimulate fight!
Recruiting your brothers, achieve grand supremacy! Free combination of actions, Stunning picture performance!
Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, famous General grand debut!
Three classes to choose – Blademaster: Good offense and defense abilities, Huntress: High movement speed, high explosiveness, Dragonmaster: High defense, great power!

【Real-time combat】 Thousand combos, strongest fighting sense, enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of mighty force!
【War house System】Horse system incoming “its lightning-fast, aggression like fire, and stable like mountain!
【Predatory Beauty】Beauty awaits you, conquest her and bring your beauty to the arena, traveled treasure hunt, beaty of justice!
【Clan System】Founded Legion alliance with friends, expedition Quartet, challenge Legion BOSS!
【Kingdoms Heroes】The original story challenge epic battles, experience the madness!
【Bluetooth PVP】Bluetooth battle, face to face PK, even in different servers, you can face to face 1V1 with others, regain the classic fun!

————◆Game Features ◆————
●Feature 1: Easy control with non-locking pk, start the mobile fighting feast
Lord and adorable beast, together into battle, cool skills effect, the power of war;
Thousand fighting combos, gorgeous special effects, the strongest action mobile game;
Download now, and enjoy anytime, anywhere, Compete for the lord!

●Feature 2: Legions League, a battle with world
Farewell for solo! Million Legions fighting each other, final battle imminent!
War Drum has begun, the horn is sounded, strongest camp duel, which can conquest the world!
Facebook Invitation, fight for ranking, show your combat power!

●Feature 3: Beauty and Beast, brave conqueror
Stunning beauty, fun jewelry culture! Beauties waiting for you to conquer!
Travel treasure hunt, punish evil forces, accompanied by beauties, battle with fearless.
In this world of chaos, only by the absolute power will dominating the world!

●Feature 4: Sacred beast, fight together
Ancient sacred beast strikes, taming invincible beast and raise your combat power!
Original sacred skills complexes with generals, killing in once!
Ruthless warring, for the future! Stay with me,partner!

●Feature 5: Create your exclusive armor
Create unique armor with a click, runes skills turned thousands!
Armor morphological changes debut, stunning styling control, pass dungeon easily with enhancing power!
Famous Generals, rare divinity weapon, conquer the powerful Legions, rich gameplay, dominate the 3 Kingdoms!


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