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Kingdom of Fairies Android

Welcome to Kingdom of Fairies!

Here, build your city, and defend it with the famous fairy tales characters and make the legend continues.

Upgrade your skill in game and clash on! This free strategy game combines recruit cartoon character troop, collect resource, base building, and massive multiple online clan war. Use your strategy to win the battle royal with global players.

Become allies with friendly clans to fight against mutual enemies, help each other upgrade buildings, research tech and make clans more powerful to protect your king and lords from the invasion of enemy clans.

Variety of heroes and super weapons can help you defeat enemy troop easily. For the royal glory, command your clan and take over new city to play the greatest story in age of empire.

● Build your city in mid-age fairy kingdom.
● Prepare strategic clan war with your clan mate.
● Train your special soldiers and level up their skills
● Join a clan or start your own to destroy BOSS.
● Hunt for treasure in a single or group battle.
● Play with worldwide players in real time online combat

Win the glory and become royal legend of fairy world!


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Total Size : 131 Mb

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