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King Of Pentalces – Android Gameplay HD

Download King Of Pentalces – Android Gameplay HD

King Of Pentacles is a RPG game by going through a journey with the combination of 5 heroes.
Become the hero of King of Pentacles by defeating opponents with a unique combination of 5 heroes.
Using the finish move at the right timing is the way to win over opponents
Each character's skills and statuses play an important role in deciding the outcome of the game!
Join the PVP ranking battle held by weekly! You are invited to a non-simple ranking system.
By knowing the characteristics of opponent's combination, you will be victorious in every battle even if you have a low level characters.
Each game mode has different tactics! Relax and enjoy the new type of RPG game!
Everyday Everyday Weekend Weekend Event
If you login everyday, you will get an incredible reward per visit.
Game coupons are offered to members of King Of Pentacles cafe! ( First come, first served!!)
Gifts are given everyweek just by joining the King Of Pentacles cafe!!
Community site – Game news are newly updated and information is shared to the members.
The authentic of mobile RPG is coming! Enough for games tied down with stars
Fighting against opponents with the actual strategic option in King Of Pentacles!
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