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War of Kings #, and more! King of Kings! KOK!
King of Kings takes you to the king! #
■ Race King! ■
Mediocrity will never refuse! No similar races and fun No!
Various personality traits out of 14 races! KOK!

■ hero King! ■
Not in all this wonderful heroes one place?
Skills gorgeous, charming characters and heroes Explosion 56 Fun beyond imagination collection! KOK!

■ Strategies King! ■
Trend is also seknam brain! Man, living in a dead strategy to strategy!
Enjoy the excitement of unpredictable battle heroes and place your own strategy! KOK!

■ Match King! ■
Stronger than the opponent or it never existed in the world!
1 vs 1, 2 vs jjarithago thrilling PVP as a Hot War to enjoy 2 real-time! KOK!

■ Scale King! ■
This large-scale mainstream huge and overwhelming!
54 vs 54 battles Legion blockbuster, super luxury large strategic battle play! KOK!

■ Action King! ■
Fulgent fantastic real strategic action!
Savor the joy of Optimizing Strategies and ecstatic at the same time action! KOK!

■ Confederation King! ■
Alone can not tell the absolute front of an inch! The fun and thrill you with a million times!
You can not miss the tension of the strings! Real-time boss battles that ever-class Federation breathtaking hands! KOK!

■ Game King! ■
Game King of the Republic of Korea is? Game of Games! King of Kings!
Best King King of Kings Will really be?
King or die Roda doeneunya it is a problem!

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