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Kidu: A Relentless Quest –

Kidu: A Relentless Quest – Free

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Kidu: “A Relentless Quest” is a freemium videogame in which you will play Chack.
Discover two free levels and twelve premium levels to live incredible adventures in which you will have to make use of your mobile’s gyroscope and your ability using perspective to solve the puzzles and platforms.

A first game in Low Poly that makes use of the perspectives thanks to the accelerometer function of your mobile

Run, jump, roll and crouch! Kidu: “A Relentless Quest” features 4 worlds and 14 levels set in different civilizations of the planet, going from the ancient Mayan civilization to the Asian culture. Live the mysteries and treasures that await you on each level!

Platforms are no longer what they used to be! Discover a new way of playing in which perspective plays an essential role in the gameplay. Hidden platforms, leaps of faith and a thousand more traps that you’ll only be able to solve with your skill moving your

The great animations, as well as each level, will get you into a story as in the games of bygone days. Enjoy incredible kinematics and get to the end of the game to know Chack’s destiny.

*You can download Kidu: “A Relentless Quest” and play a part for free. You can also enjoy all the available content of the game by paying a fixed amount.

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Kidu: A Relentless Quest – For Android

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