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Kids Summer Time

(Updated :
Oct 13,2015)

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Game Description

Summer is the best time to party hard and go for a picnic with friends. Gameiva brings a perfect summer fun game for you and all your friends to have an amazing time this summer and enjoy it to the fullest. Begin your summer by shopping and purchasing all the necessary stuffs for the activities ahead. Visit the nail salon and clean your nails and make them much more beautiful. After the nail salon visit the hair salon and make your hair shine. Have tasty fast-food with your friends and go for a horse ride with them.

Summer fun activities:

1) Go for shopping and purchase the clothes, swimwear and all the necessary items for the summer.
2) Enjoy the salon activities at the nail and the hair salon with your friends.
3) Have your tasty lunch by eating some tasty hot dogs and a sweet ice cream.
4) Visit the stable and do all the caring activities for the horse.
5) Share this fun game with your friends and enjoy the summer together.

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