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Kids Math Learning

(Updated :
Oct 13,2015)

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Game Description

The coolest and the best way to learn math for kids is here. Now enjoy while learning math and do lot of different activities in the game. Start your math learning activity by joining all the dots of numbers from 1 to 90 and learn all the different numbers easily. Go to the maze of math numbers and complete it using your math skills. Play lot of different math activities like joining the dots of animal, learning number thymes, playing number magic and much more. Learn your basic preschool math in the most fun way.

Math activities in the game:

1) Complete the dots and learn all the different numbers easily.
2) Complete the number maze by completing the math quiz by Mr. Fox.
3) Learn lot of different number rhymes with lot of funny animals and birds.
4) Join the dots and complete all the animalsí drawings.
5) Share this math game with your friends and have fun with the math.

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