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Kids Garage Wheels & Vehicles

(Updated :
Oct 16,2015)

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Game Description

The kid’s garage game is a vehicle game with huge number of innovative fun activities for kids. Be ready with your amazing luxurious garage and start your day with all the different type of big and small vehicles like many varieties of cars, bull dozers, tractors etc. Repair the cars that are broken and change all its spare parts. Make an amazing sports car at your garage by yourself and add your favorite color to it. Use various different tools to fix the cars and other vehicles in your garage and make sure that the customers are satisfied with your service.

Activities in the Game:

1) Repair the school bus immediately which has just met with an accident so that the driver can pick up the kids from school.
2) Make a sports cars by yourself in your garage and give an amazing color to it.
3) Dismantle the bulldozer and fix different machines on it for different activities.
4) Use the tractor to pull the car which is not working properly due to some fault in the engine
5) Share this game with your friends and enjoy repairing all the vehicles together.

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