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JingleKids: Paradise Island MATCH 3 PUZZLE QUEST

Play our new match 3 storyline game! Enjoy the gameplay! Solve interesting match 3 levels! Use blasting boosters! Decorate gardens! Restore houses! Renovate the city! And have a good time!

Welcome to the JingleKids Paradise Island! It’s an Island where our loveable friends JingleKids live. Solve Match 3 puzzles! Achieve new levels! Help JingleKids restore island and upgrade it to an Island of a dream.

Unforgettable and fascinating adventure awaits you. Play the best match 3 game, renovate and restore beautiful houses, decorate eye catching gardens, match puzzles and meet new friends in our JingleKids Universe. It’s the only and unique match 3 game based on the story of heroes of JingleKids TV show.

Game features:

• An exciting combination of genres: arcade, city-building and adventure.
• Breathtaking gameplay: solve and match puzzles, restore houses, decorate gardens, upgrade the JingleKids Paradise Island and be a part of JingleKids Universe.
• Tons of match 3 levels with a great variety of puzzles and explosive boosters.
• Solve match 3 levels, earn stars and collect coins to redesign the island.
• Dozens of locations with unique layouts to upgrade, restore and decorate.
• Restore the island as you wish.
• There is plenty of original elements from the JingleKids TV show which are integrated into the game. You can construct and customize benches, plants, street lights, fountains and more.
• Explore the Paradise Island and help JingleKids find treasure.
• Heroes of JingleKids Universe will help you solve match 3 levels.
• Facebook integration provides you with an opportunity to save your progress on multiple devices, share it with your friends and receive bonuses.

We have plenty of heroes. Those heroes will accompany you during the game: while solving match 3 puzzles and exploring the JingleKids Paradise Island. They represent different professional areas – art, cooking, science and history, fashion, mechanics, journalism and sports. Each hero is deeply passionate about what he or she does.

• Trouble is startling, awesome, handsome and totally perfect. Well, at least that’s the way Trouble describes himself! The genuine troublemaker and adventurer, who stirs things up in Jingle World! Watch out for Trouble’s pranks!
• Marianne is a talented chef, who is most known for her delicious chocolate pie! She is compassionate and kind and takes care of everyone in the Jingle World.
• Andy is an artist favored by muses who constantly stuns Jingle World with his staggering art.
• Grace is a Jingle World it-girl and fashion designer. She’s very stylish and kind-hearted, as well as a real beauty.
• Nikola is an inventor, an engineer, «the hands» of Jingle World, who is absolutely obsessed with robots! By the way, he has already made one!
• Pancho is an egghead! He knows everything in the world and a Little more! His true passion is astronomy.
• Finn is into boyscouting! He loves camping, hitchhiking and sports and he is really good at it!
• Caittin is a desperate journalist who never stops looking for a sensation. But if there is no sensation she is ready to make up one herself!

JingleKids is free to play and download, but you can make some in-game purchases.
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