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Iron League

Experience the thrill of real-time 3v3 combat!
Iron League!


■ Iron League is the best real-time 3v3 team fighting MOBA. Play and compete with thousands of friends and foes worldwide over the net.

■ The only weapons under your belt are split-second control, exquisite skill cast, and bold action. Compete in a fair environment where your skill is the only limit.

■ Iron League aims for short gameplay that lasts around 10 minutes. Experience quick and intensive sessions filled with constant team fights.

■ There are over 30 characters that fit into 5 different classes.
Learn about different maps: Ast Temple, Merca Prison, Dragon’s Tomb, and Sand Canyon. They present all sorts of variables that can turn the game around.

■ As Ironsides gain experience points, they level up into more powerful leaders.
Win ranked games and compete to be the strongest Ironside.


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Total Size : 400 Mb

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