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IRON CRYPTICLE – Release Trailer

IRON CRYPTICLE – Release Trailer for Xbox

The glorious Royal Treasures of Cryptonia have been stolen!
Knights suit up and descend into the ancient palace crypts to return those GOLDEN GOODIES!

Get ready for GHOULISH arcade action in this epic medieval twin-stick dungeon shooter.
Up to 4 players (local co-op) can fight together to SMASH through all manner of ghouls and fiends. You must run the gauntlet down through the ever changing crypts, and try to discover who is behind this most despicable crime!

Grab, loot, and gobble up all manner of foods to build up your XP. Choose your path wisely and UPGRADE your abilities to help you face the challenges of the lower floors! UNLOCK new weapons and magical items as you progress. Collect magical gauntlets to power your explosive ATOMIC FIST!

Weapons at the ready – prepare yourself for IRON CRYPTICLE!

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