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Invincible Battleship- 3D Strategy Naval War Game

Avoid the dense ballistic trajectory and start full-scale missile bombing!
Show your power by giving the enemy a precise blow!
Bomb all the enemies and become the new king of the sea!

Game features:
 Stunning graphics and realistic combat environments: real water battle scenes, unique combat styles, and simple operations!
 Powerful battleship upgrade system:
There are various types of warships to choose from in the game. With various upgrade configurations, different levels of warships have different attribute weapons. High-level warships have unique drone support, automatic navigation missiles, and full-scale protective covers. Just experience the real battle pleasure! Be invincible in the sea!
 Game levels are diverse- nearly 100 levels with various extreme challengeswaiting for you to come! Challenge them and win more rewards!
 The difficulty of the game and the rewards increase with the level. More rewarding BOSS levels waiting for you to challenge!
 No Wi-Fi? No problem! Just play it anywhere, anytime!
 The game package is small and easy to download.
 Suitable for all Android 4.0 and above models
Download Invincible Battleship- 3D Strategy Naval War Game for free
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