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Infinity Mercs: Nonstop RPG Android

Infinity Mercs: Nonstop RPG Android Download for Free

Infinity Mercs: Nonstop RPG Android Android

Infinity Mercs: Nonstop RPG Android iOS

■ Scenario
The Dark Monarch invaded Modoros, where magic was forbidden, through the dimensional gate.
The King permitted the use of magic and promised great wealth and honor to the person who destroys
the dimensional gate.
Hearing of this, the best wizards recruited mercenaries and began to fight against the army of darkness.
■ Features
– Battles are automatic, so you can enjoy the game for a long time.
– Quests are automated to continuously earn gold.
– Free gems are given every day to make the game more fun.
– You can gain more gems through reincarnation.
– Reincarnation is the only way to survive and be victorious in endless battles.
– You can enchant or evolve mercenaries to create stronger mercenaries.
– You can hire new and stronger mercenaries to be victorious in battle.
– By clearing dungeons and gaining runes, you can purchase equipment and improve your fighting power.
– You can request battles with other users.
– Through PVP, you can earn gems and higher-level soulstones.
– You can save the game safely.


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