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Immortal Sword Gameplay iOS / Android

Immortal Sword Gameplay iOS / Android

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Immortal Sword by Vstargame (iOS/Android)
This is the world’s biggest MMORPG in the theme of self-cultivation to seek immortality! Thousands of players play on the same screen. A brand new era for real-time fighting mobile games has come!

This game is a cultivation mobile game in the year of 2016. The setting of the game is cinematic and the background music sounds wonderful with melodious rhythm. What’s more, the game contains a variety of gamplays such as Pet, Lovers, Fairy and Fairy Instance, Cross-server War, Guild Contest, Fairy Contest, etc. These special gameplay provide players with a real fariy world to strengthen themselves. There are three classes you can choose and get different gaming experience from. Free and unlimited Wild PK and Deity Arena are waiting for you!

Deity Arena–Search the most powerful opponent and push yourself to the limit!
Cross-server War– Conquer three realms and be the overlord of the universe!
Dazzling Fashion–Wear eye-catching fashion and gears!
Super Pet–Release frightening skills and pass the levels like a rocket!
Awesome Ride–Run rapidly as the strong wind blows!
Gorgeous Goddess–Escort fairies along a scenic romantic road!
Invincible Guild–Summon like-minded friends to build the strongest guild!


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