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Immortal Expedition Android

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Immortal Expedition Android Android

Immortal Expedition Android iOS

Jamjaeul hero that can end this war does not look right you are!
Right now is the immortality of the Expedition Take a risk!
☞ strategic battle over the party tags!
– Just change the character and the hero is enough!
Battle opponents, and enjoy a 180-degree combat depends on the timing!

☞ AI system beyond imagination!
– Simple automatic hunting and formal configurations Drop Deck!
– Growth prospects crying every battle and the evolution of AI monsters to be wide!

strategic play to stimulate jeonduyeopreul!
– Please scan relative to the properties and scratch resistance, and resistance!
Organize a party that can win the battle and you led the fight!

☞ variety of ways, but so easy to cultivate!
– 70 kinds of unique and exclusive items of mercenaries!
– Easy to strengthen and awaken Grow your own tactics and equipment!

☞ diverse content to coexist cooperation and competition!
– Continuation of the variety of game content without break to rest 24 hours!
– Guild battle, PvP Arena, top of Jython Ross, former occupation dungeons, such as the World boss and enjoy a variety of content!

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