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Hunting Simulator Game

The game is still in development and we’d love to make this game as reallistic as possible – join us to make this happen!
Walk, find, aim, shoot – be a hunter.

The game includes:
* Base camp + 8 maps (Turkey, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Belarus)

*Shooting range with skeet shooting clay pigeon and Target Shooting

* 8 weapons (Shotguns 16/12g/12v/12semiAuto + rifles .223/.308/.338 with scope)
* Ballistic calculator with wind shift
* Different projectiles types

*8 animals
Moose hunting / Elk hunting
Hog hunting / boar hunting
Deer hunting
Bear hunting
Calf hunting
Fox hunting
Wolf hunting
Hare hunting / Rabbit hunting

* 4 birds
Goose hunting
Woodcock hunting
Duck hunting
Pigeon hunting
* Decoy calls

* Binocular with different zoom and distance calculations
* Animated Gun reloading

We are going to add few more stuff:
Turkey hunting
Partridge hunting
Pheasant hunting
Grouse hunting
Snipe hunting

Hunting simulator is a shooting game for android. You are welcomed to shoot and hunt animals. Hunting game android free download!
Download Hunting Simulator Game for free
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