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Moo! Hoof it and navigate the poor cow through the hunting grounds of wild predators! Prove your skill in dodging them and don’t let them bite you – or things will soon look bad for you. Collect coins and achieve new high scores in Hoof It!

***Stay away from the hungry foxes and wolves!***
Can you manage to escape the beasts for as long as possible to save your herd? Swipe your finger across the screen to move the cow and escape their claws. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score! Help is delivered in the form of power ups and items which slow down your enemies or make them peaceful. But be careful! Of course, they don’t last forever…

***Get more animals!***
The longer you survive, the more coins you can collect. You can then use them to unlock more farm animals! Help the pig, the sheep and the goat on their flight as well and successfully shake off your pursuers.

***Discover all items and sounds***
Each action during the game is accompanied by a funny sound and animation. Can you find them all? Collect the items and see what happens! What could possibly be hiding behind the pink hearts?

* Simple to pick up thanks to easy controls
* Survive long enough to achieve a new high score!
* Collect coins and items and unlock more animals!

What are you waiting for? Help the poor farm animals escape!

– …. .- -. -.- … ..-. — .-. . …- . .-. -.– .-.. .. -.- . .- -. -.. ..-. .- …- — .-. .. – .

Download Hoof It! –

Hoof It! – Download Game

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