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Hogwarts OWL Exams

Do you Like the universe of wizards and magical beasts? Do you want to be a wizard like Harry and his friends? – This appTrivia Harry Potter wizard quiz is a for you. You already have a magic wand, passed patronus quiz, and Soarting Hat determines your Hogwarts house? Then, my friend, it’s time for you to take the real test – the magic exam like in Hogwarts magic school, the owl magic quiz 2019. Trivia Harry Potter wizard quiz. Ordinary Wizarding Level includes following magical subjects: potions, history of magic, transfiguration, charms, astronomy, herbology, defense against the dark arts and magical creatures – pass all of them and share the result with your friends. But you should know, magical Hogwarts exams are difficult tests. From who your Patronus can give you primary protection? Or what magic wand tends to dark arts? And do you know where Hogwarts school was founded? There are many interesting questions in Hogwarts test OWL exams. Trivia Harry Potter wizard quiz. The lowest score for the OWL exams in the Harry Potter universe is called “TROLL”, by the way trolls produce magic! But you is not a troll, and you have to get the highest passing grade on the OWL exam for each subject and you will receive a real diploma with the seal of Hogwarts and the Ministry of magic. OWL exams quiz is not a joke. Hogwarts house quiz, patronus quiz and magic wand quiz already passed and now Horwarts OWL exams wait for you. Trivia Harry Potter wizard quiz.
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