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High Level Multiplication Table

This simplest and the most mysterious app helps you to learn the multiplication table easily,pass your exams and develop your brains.

The app has following modes;
-Learn multiplication table (beginnner mode with 100 question in 5 categories)
-Test multiplication table( professional mode with mixed 100 questions )
-Learn to be fast and patient (Fast and furious mode with 200 questions , every questions 3 second)
-Learn the multiplication table to the most detailed.(Legend mode with 300 questions to be legend in multiplication and division operations)

If you play the beginner mode;
-You will learn multiplication in five categories randomly.
-You have 8 seconds for each question.

If you play the professional mode;
-more than a hundred question questions will be waiting for you.
-Each question has different point and you will have a certain time depending on the difficılty of the questions.

If you play the fast and furious mode;
-You will learn to be fast and patient.
– You will develop a quick question solving behaviour.
– Be careful! You have only 3 second for each question out of 200 questions.

If you play legend mode;
-You will find yourself in the multiplication table legend.
-You will learn the multiplication table tin detail.

Don’t forget! This app was prepared by expert math teachers.We offer you much more learning guarantee.
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