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In the age of Heroes, will you answer the call?

Heroes Rage is epic, exhilarating, action-packed multiplayer online battles in the palm of your hand!

• Awesome Arcade Gameplay
Fast paced games with simple controls controls, yet lots of variety mean Heroes Rage is perfect for quickfire sessions or longer play times!

• Great Characters
Multiple different characters with different skills; choose the brave Warrior with his mighty blade, the deadly Rogue and her twin-blades, or the powerful Paladin! Heroes Rage is a deathmatch game in a fantasy world

• Varied ways to play
Heroes Rage lets you play how you want! Choose between ranged, magic, and melee then decide to run into battle or wait on the edges to strike

• Play with Friends!
Real-time multiplayer battles with awesome fast-paced action. Form clans with your friends and take on the world!


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