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Heroes Quest Gameplay iOS / Android

Heroes Quest Gameplay iOS / Android

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Heroes Quest by Heroes Quest Mobile (iOS/Android)
Join this redefining mobile MMORPG for FREE! A combination of old school roguelike game play and the most exciting mobile experience!
Start an epic journey through Arun, a fantasy world of sword and magic. Recruit heroes of all races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Werewolves and even defected Demons! From defeating the bandits to battling against powerful foes from the Abyss, and ultimately slaying the evil dragons. Travel through vast landscapes including North Mount Wood, Gravel Heights, Ancient Wood, Eastspring Keep and much more!

★ Game Features ★
• Start an epic journey in the vast Lands of Arun. Follow the quest of the prophecy.
• Collect over 40 heroes with unique skills and characteristics.
• Legendary items with affixes of special effects.
• Disarm traps, defeat bosses and discover hidden treasures in the Maze of Shadows.
• Combine active and passive skills to carry out various attack, defense, support and crowd-control effects.
• Get a rank in bucketed Arenas. Protect your expedition teams while looting others’.

Heroes Quest is free to play. Virtual items can be purchased to accelerate your game progress but totally optional.


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