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Heroes of Titans -MOBA Gameplay iOS / Android

Heroes of Titans -MOBA Gameplay iOS / Android

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Summon the hero to join the battle of titans.
The game combines ARPG and Moba. PvP matches in Moba, players can control the heroes and adding the support of friends in battle.

Functions :

+ Mission to unlock the screens play (upgrade level and collect items).

+ Conquer : Conquer the opponent in each level.

+ Arena modes: Moba, Deatmatch, fight all heroes.

System equipment with multiple grade, when the upgraded equipment will have new attributes.

Upgraded heroes will be stronger .

Moba match with a completely new style, when the hero is born and can change during a match.

The game was developed only a single person, and it still continues to be in development, expecting the support of everyone.


App Store: Not Available Now
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