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Heroes of Emblem – Idle JRPG Android

Heroes of Emblemis an idle game with a fun array of Idle JRPG-influenced features. Idle means auto battle. It’s loosely based on the classic “roguelike” JRPG, although the similarities don’t amount to much more than name of heroes and themes. It wasn’t necessarily meant to be a spin-off of his original JRPG; Heroes of Emblem is his first foray into the Mobile gaming community, and it’s a lot more polished than most freshman efforts. Drawing inspiration from popular strategy games like Adventure and mining, Heroes of Emblem adds a serious helping of tactical Idle JRPG mechanics. You not only get to save the world with a satisfying array of items and heroes, you won’t have to go at it alone; an entire tactical Idle JRPG-styled party of heroes comes to your aid, eventually. There are more than 100 different heroes. Thousands of Formations to choose. So prepare your heroes to fight!

* Editorial Choice
* 18 vs 18 Idle RPG
* Entire Tactical Party
* More than 100 Skills

* * Prepare Yourself A Brand New World Has Unlocked

* * Strategize & Lead Your Team to Victory

* * Adventure A vast world lies ahead

* * Embark on a Journey with a diverse cast of heroes

* * Duel Players The battle has begun


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