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Heroes League: War of Legends – Android Gameplay HD

Download Heroes League: War of Legends – Android Gameplay HD


Heroes League: War of Legends, a brand new Card-Based Action RPG set in an original fantasy world inspired by Nordic legends, is finally here!
Summon legendary heroes of lore to fight besides you. Explore and fight your way through misty swamps, citadels of the Undead and many other haunting locations.
Gameplay Highlights:
Vicious usurpers are eradicating the royal bloodline and plot to cover the land in darkness. Never resigned to defeat, you strike forth to gather a company of mighty heroes, smiting your enemies with righteous fury on your quest to liberate Midgard and retake the crown.
Dozens of heroes are ready to fight at your command! Recruit and equip them to promptly dispatch your enemies!
Myriad abilities, mighty summons, simple and intuitive battle controls—everything is harmonized to satiate your bloodlust.
Explore unknown regions, rout any monsters blocking your path, unearth buried secrets, and gather mighty relics. Forward is the only way!
Compete head-to-head against champions from every global region and let your name reverberate throughout the world!
•Aegir’s Throne
Inexhaustible treasures await your discovery. Follow Aegir’s Treasure Map, but beware, you’re not the only adventurer with dreams of untold wealth.
Mountains of coins, gems, and special exchange currencies await you in game. As long as you’re willing, you’re a winner.
Powerless against an unbeatable foe? Your guild mates can lend a helping hand. A one man army can never make it as far as a dedicated squad.
Our perfected chat function lets you catch up with friends anytime and anywhere.
All manner of powerful items await you at the Merchant, the Black Market, the Arena Shop, and at Aegir’s Treasure Trove! Forget about thrift—turn your wealth into power!
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