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Heroes and Magic Android

Maybe this is the first genuinely real-time strategy war game of Western Mythology theme. As a Lord of the Castle, you can command dozens of distinctive heroes and mercenaries in this epic world war. Recruitment and training, exploration and adventure, expansion and conquest… One day you shall be the overlord!
Also the game is free to download and play!

◆ The REAL-TIME strategy game
– Get rid of boring countdown marches, this time we truly “walk” around the world.
– With real 3D graphics, and Western Mythology theme, immerse yourself in the fantasy of a strategy war game!
◆ Acumen leads to victory, not amount.
– Over 10 individual heroes, 25 specific modes of mercenaries, and dozens of crucial skills… Feel free to try more matches.
– A wealth of features, opposing camps, and many changeable combinations… Anything is possible and nothing left to be desired!
◆ Epic scale world war
– Ferocious monsters, heavily fortified strongholds, mysterious ancient ruins, all sorts of players to rival… A massive amount of content is just waiting for you to explore!
– With control over the strategy of your forces, and the details of each unit, you wield the power to change the world!
◆ Dominate the entire world with allies
– Battle for the world supremacy: Strength is important, but force is more important! Everyone is indispensable!
– Forge the strongest Alliance: Science and technology, territory, welfare, daily diamonds…
◆ Solve the riddle of the “Prince”
– The Ancient Greek Battle of the Titans, the full-blown feud of the Gods: The conflict among successors for Zeus’ place; the Titans that try to rise again to regain hegemony; Hades and Poseidon wait in the wings; and Hera’s jealousy makes her plan a change.
– Prince Hercules, traveling in the mortal world, met Hera’s daughter, namely, Hebe, and the two fell in love in spite of many obstacles.
– Out of his faith and the determination to save everything, he had been keeping constantly on the run. However, he was never ever aware that he was involved in a lethal conspiracy.


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