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Hero Hearts Zero – Android Gameplay HD

Download Hero Hearts Zero – Android Gameplay HD

★ Real action with Infinite dungeon! Hero Hearts Zero!! ★
Real action control game with physical engined infinite dungeon!
▶▶ Dynamic and endless different battles!
Fight the waves of evil enemies in the league dungeon with your weapons and skills!
Fight the daily dungeon for daily rewards!
Explore the unknown dungeons with 5 different heroes for rewards!
▶▶ Hero hearts zero's unique real control battle system!!
Are you going to just watch the auto battle? Control it your self for the fun of the battle.
Find all different combos! Final hit will give the super damage.
▶▶ The unique action system with the 100% physical engine!
All new hits with the New physical engine.
The effects are realistic, they are addictive.
▶▶ More rewards from many levels of leagues!
Generous rewards from the beginners' league to the legends' league!
Fabulous rewards to all the players play in the league!
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