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[HD] Moodie Foodie Gameplay IOS / Android | PROAPK

[HD] Moodie Foodie Gameplay IOS / Android | PROAPK

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Moodie Foodie by Nubee Tokyo
Nubee Tokyo, a company with over 50,000,000 downloads worldwide, presents a brand new game!
Welcome to a new take on the puzzle-RPG genre!
Up to four players can play cooperatively in this “Puzzle Frenzy RPG” for adventurers and puzzle fans alike!
Get in a frenzy and play with all your friends!
Once upon a time, there was an island named Gourmetia, a land filled to the brim with delicious ingredients.
In Gourmetia’s oldest country, Peachatoria Queendom, the young and greedy Queen Momo ruled.
But one day, Peachatoria stopped receiving supplies of ingredients.
The people were no longer able to dine on the fine foods to which they had grown accustomed, while investigations uncovered troubling rumors about the machinations of the other nations…
Queen Momo, to whom delicious food was a primary concern, grabbed the nearest (somewhat reluctant) attendant and embarked on a perilous journey…

Moodie Foodie is a “Puzzle Frenzy RPG” for up to four players over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.
Whether you’re out and about, at school, or even at a party, you can have some laidback fun with friends near and far!
It’s easy as pie: Just link three or more panels with your finger! Link lots at once to reveal special panels with extra panel-popping power!
One tap on a special panel, and hey presto! All panels of that color disappear, like magic!
Up to four people can play together, and the more friends you play with, the bigger the rewards!
Playing in multiplayer doesn’t cost Stamina, and there are multiplayer-only bonuses to find, too!
All that fun with friends near and far! And who knows? Perhaps you’ll even meet someone new…
So what are you waiting for? Join in and experience this exciting multiplayer game today!
Remove enough panels in a battle and you can enter “Frenzy Mode,” your chance to go on a panel popping rampage! Will you use it right away? Or try to save it for the boss? Getting the timing just right could be your key to victory!
In multiplayer, everyone goes into Frenzy Mode at the same time! The player who does the best in the battle could get a special reward, so it pays to get in a frenzy together!
Moodie Foodie features the unique and lovable “Foodkin,” creatures based on food. They’ll be sure to help you out in all sorts of ways throughout the game!
Some Foodkin even have special skills that’ll come in handy in battles!
Find ingredients scattered throughout the world of Moodie Foodie to complete Recipes!
Complete a Foodkin’s Recipe and guess what? They’ll transform!
Gather the coolest-looking and most powerful Foodkin to form the ultimate team!
App download: Free
-There are items available for purchase in the game.
-Buying in-game currency requires in-app purchases to be enabled.
-Before playing, please read the Moodie Foodie User Agreement.
Android: Requires a device running Android 2.3.3 and up.
Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the app will work on other devices.
We will continue releasing updates with improvements to our app based on user feedback. So please send your feedback our way!
(Please note we are unable to provide individual responses to feedback received.)


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