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Halloween Paint For Kids

(Updated :
Oct 11,2015)

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Game Description

Create lot of Halloween images and paint on them by yourself and save the beautiful or say spooky image into your gallery. Choose any of the readymade images and use your imagination to add colors into them and give them a lively look. Use lot of tools like Paint brush, Painting pencils and many others with lot of options of colors in it. If you make any mistake in between you can use the different types of rubbers to erase it.

Painting Activities in the Game:

1) Choose any of your favorite Halloween image from gallery of the game.
2) Use lot of different types of coloring tools in the game.
3) Select any of your favorite color and add them into the image.
4) Finally save the image into your gallery.
5) Share the image you have made with your friends and invite them into the painting game with you.

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